Beta 0.90 out with 2 new KOTH maps and SP Invasion

Hey there runners!

RWR Beta 0.90 has finally seen the light of day and is now available in Desura and BMTMicro. The change log is huge, with highlights at two new maps designed for King of the hill -action for three factions, and the first development iteration of the single player Invasion mode.

The Invasion campaign enables you to play with one profile through the maps in predefined order and settings as familiar from online Invasion, we’ve set XP progression rate much lower than usual for this, the factions have access to specific weapons only now, the cargo truck objective is there in selected maps and so on. 6 maps are included in the campaign currently, so expected playing time is somewhere around 6-9 hours, give or take, but don’t feel bad if it takes longer — I had my timer telling me 7 hours and I was still fighting for the second base in the 5th map :P

You can also activate the server on your single player campaign and invite your friends to play cooperative with you. Their profiles should become similarly stored in your game, so reconnecting with the same username later would allow continuing from the previous soldier status.

The campaign feels pretty challenging, at times it’s even too easy to end up having a stalemate right there in your first base in the region, but most of the time there is a way around it though it might require some initiative on your part. The campaign obviously isn’t complete yet, this is the first cycle, we’ll be adding a few new surprise maps in the coming months and new objectives, settings, resources and possibilities.

Talking about possibilities, 0.90 provides plenty of new stuff for modders! Faction specific resources aside, the generic support in calls and weapons has extended to allow any resource spawning on request, so it would be possible to set things up for transforming an item into a stationary weapon or cover, or calling a tank drop for that matter. Vanilla 0.90 still doesn’t use these, we’re still working on the content and polishing certain bugs, but I’m sure this feature won’t be left unused!

On tactical level, vests have been revamped to fit their purpose better by having 3 stages for reacting to lethal hits – first one gets deflected, second stuns, third finally wounds now. This should give you a bit of clue how close you are to become wounded and consider if you’re in a position where a medic could help you – if there’s a medic in the first place. Shields are also more useful now with AI, they are able to shoot behind a shield better and the shield carrier also gets a reward split from kills made by those protected by the shield. Also, AI now uses paratrooper calls occasionally which can really turn the tide in a battle.

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Beta 0.89 out with new map and multi-faction battles

Hey there!

Al Tabul -multiplayer madness on Sunday June 9, 6:00 pm UTC, don’t forget! Keep this open on Sunday, it’s handy!

0.89 is out with some great updates! First, we’ve got the sixth map in now, “Al Tabul”, which is a desert themed assault map with plenty of tanks and other vehicles, we even added a few stationary weapons for the defense.

Second, we’ve got the third faction in the game, and this means you can get those multi-faction battles going on easily now. From my experience, Stalemate and Sainte-Anne make just perfect match for 3 factions; had a great time fighting over the central bases when every faction is attacking to the same location, just hilarious!

The map view has gone through some improvements, zooming is now supported on mouse wheel and from keys which has been needed for quite a while now with the map being a bit tight for all the icons we have in there these days. We’re also starting to experiment with how the map view should actually look like, and 0.89 features the first iteration of that work.

Spotting mechanic has been added now too, so if you’re one of those players who end up strolling behind the enemy lines causing all sorts of mayhem by assaulting their less defended bases, destroying the enemy comms truck or stealing their cargo truck (note, cargo truck theft is only in Invasion online currently), you also get rewards from your faction by locating their vehicles, just hover the crosshair on the vehicle to identify it. This also means for multiplayer that other players will see the vehicles in their map and get notified about them.

All right, that concludes the major new gameplay changes for 0.89, there’s at least 30 other bug fixes or additions, check out the full change log here.

RWR @ Steam Greenlight

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Beta 0.88 with medics!

Hey there!

So, we’ve finally made it to a point that we got

  1. medikit as support item,
  2. vests that transform getting killed into getting wounded,
  3. squad loadout configs that enable AI soldiers with medikits to be favored in squads,
  4. AI that looks for a moment or a call in a fight to help out a wounded,

to get the medic feature into gameplay! While you might wonder why opt for getting wounded and hope for a medic to come to get you back into game rather than just dying and running back to the zone as another soldier, it’s primarily the rare weapons that are meant to make you want to get that vest on; otherwise you’ll lose the rare weapon on respawn.

In this version, we’ve also enabled the rare weapons in classic single-map matches, which means those PvP oriented online matches, or single player, might experience some players getting temporarily overpowered if they manage to find a rare. Easiest way to find one is to listen, it’s the bots that usually happen to bring them into a battle, but you might find one in a crate too.

Other than that, plenty of tweaks here and there, a new weapon, a new mortar call, and a hefty amount of new modding potential; map size is open now, for one. See the detailed change log here.

0.89 or 0.90 will see plenty of changes under the hood to make it easier to create server-specific settings for match resources without having to download overlay mods to be able to join a server. This should make it easy to alter active weapons, items, vehicles and factions strictly on server side, clients will get the relevant info from the server to configure their game session accordingly and load the needed resources if they have them available. This will make it possible to set up a broader variety of matches in single player too, hopefully including single player Invasion!

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Beta 0.87 is out!

Hey there!

RWR 0.87 continues on the path of extending support in multiple development areas, see the full change log. We’ve now got our second radio call request type in addition to the good old mortar strike: paratrooper reinforcements! This one will certainly help to organize those surprise attacks against the less defended enemy bases away from the main battle area, and thus actually succeed in capturing them too. Just watch out for enemy comms truck, it’ll jam your radio :P

Another highlight in 0.87 is the tank: two gunner seats, one with MG and the other with rocket shooting cannon, with tracked steering. We haven’t polluted all the maps with this beast in fear of it being overly overpowered, but we’ll see how it ends up being. At least on InvasionUS yesterday, a few of us happened to start the invasion from Suburbs, blessing us with the tank, but we still had to fight hard the swarming Greys coming at us. The havoc was awesome, but in the end we certainly took a beating that time :D

We’ve also added cargo trucks here and there in Invasion, the main objective outline being to locate the enemy cargo truck, steal and deliver it safe near an armory at a friendly base. Great thing is that it’s handled as a server side script module, allowing us to tweak it on the fly without client side updates required from players.

Beneath the hood, the battle system has gone through some nice upgrades, basically allowing more than 2 factions in battles now. We’ve yet to set everything up so that it would be easy to choose the faction setup in the UI, and actually we don’t have assets other than Green and Greys at this point, but we should come around to it sooner than later. In the meantime it should be possible to use the skin mods and set those battles up manually, would love to hear about it if someone gets to try it!

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