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RWR is now on Steam Early Access!

Hey there runners! RWR has finally appeared on Steam Early Access, awesome! We’ve also prepared a new trailer to highlight what’s going on in the game these days, see for yourself! The about 20-month old demo also received a needed update, not sure how we justified postponing it for that long. So newcomers, head this [...]

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RWR 0.93 released

As said a few weeks ago RWR 0.93 was coming in a few weeks and now it’s indeed here! Most of the crucial changes were covered that time, go check it out if you’re eager for a refresher. A cleaned up and probably incomplete change log can be seen here. On other news, my Mac [...]

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Peek on the biggest RWR update yet

Long time no see! We’ve been taking a bit of extra time to improve RWR over a longer stretch recently before hitting Steam Early Access. Version 0.93 will be released soon (hating that word as much as you do), within 1-2 weeks I dare say, soon to follow with an updated demo and 0.94 for [...]

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RWR 0.92 out, also greenlit

All right, another milestone reached with RWR receiving the greenlit status in Steam! Thanks to all who voted and helped us get there! The hope’s up RWR finds its way in Steam Early Access soon, but don’t have any data available at the moment. Also, 0.92 has just been released, we’re sort of skipping 0.91 [...]

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