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Beta 0.97 released

Hey there! It’s update time again, beta 0.97 is available starting now. Gonna keep the post short this time, mostly highlighting that the 9th map has been added in the game – huge thanks to Bonzaibier for the backbone of the map! Other changes include some new stuff to do in campaign, i.e. the possibility [...]

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Beta 0.96 released

Hey there runners! RWR 0.96 is done and available in Steam now, soon in Desura and BMTMicro. Check out the full change log here. This time, the soldier level AI has been extended with the ability to determine spots where to deploy sandbag barriers to provide more cover in the battle area. I had had [...]

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Beta 0.95 released

Alrighty, 0.95 is now available in Steam and BMTMicro, Desura soon to follow. View the full change log here. To summarize the bigger changes, plenty of new items, vehicles and targets are being introduced in this update. We’ve got * flares for spawn point placement * suppressed pistols as secondaries * mortar and minigun deployments [...]

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RWR is now on Steam Early Access!

Hey there runners! RWR has finally appeared on Steam Early Access, awesome! We’ve also prepared a new trailer to highlight what’s going on in the game these days, see for yourself! The about 20-month old demo also received a needed update, not sure how we justified postponing it for that long. So newcomers, head this [...]

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