Beta 0.99 released, now also with Mac support!

Hi there!

0.99 is now available in Steam, soon to follow in Desura, and in Steam also with Mac OSX support!

To celebrate the addition of a new platform support, we’ve also added RWR in the Steam Holiday Sale with 33% discount! Effectively this can get you RWR still with the in-dev phase price, go go go!

To us, 0.99 marks the spot when we consider feature development, and largely content too, complete for what comes to the single player/small scale coop campaign. From this point on, only minor changes will go through into that part of the game, some vehicle texture work, more AI dialogue, tweaking map and campaign win moments, things like that.

That means that the campaign is becoming complete with 9 regular maps and 2 special maps for final missions, with the very final mission being introduced in this update. The other major addition this time is the faction specific vehicle models for APC, tank and jeep. Big thanks go to harrified for the two new tank models, awesome work there.

Other than those, there have been several fixes, some new support added for stuff specific to the new final mission, and new stuff for modding; see the change log over here.

We’re pretty new to Mac OSX, so the support shall begin with Mac OSX version 10.9 Mavericks, based on early tests 10.10 Yosemite works as well. I will be looking into options on how to get the earlier OSX versions supported in the near future.

Talking about future, what’s next then? Possibility for remote profiles / profile sharing and online Invasion teamkill penalty mode have been hot topics lately, which I will be working on for the next weeks targeting 0.99.1 update still on this year’s side. Minimodes development continues as well, as does the usability tweaking.

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Beta 0.98.8 released

Hey there!

RWR 0.98.8 is now out with plenty of tweaky changes as seen in the change log. Since the previous dev blog post a month ago, also minor update releases 0.98.7 and 0.98.6 happened.

While the Minimodes system created initially for Moorland Trenches in 0.98.5 didn’t quite work as well as expected, mostly due to combat ending up happening out in the open fields without any cover, we’re giving it another shot at Rattlesnake Crescent in this update. The modes themselves have gone through minor improvements such as the teddy crates being visible in map view to minimize the time to locate them, team deathmatch comes with player count based max scores, that kind of thing. Bots are now more eager to follow players as leaders so the modes should play better with smaller number of players as well. Looking forward to another announced event to get more people to play PvP for a change! :)

We’re really close to RWR 0.99 now and have decided to sync that major milestone with the Mac port release. I will be adding the Mac port demo in Steam a bit early, hopefully this weekend, to help testing compatibility between different Macs, so if there are Mac people reading the blog, all testing help and reports would be highly appreciated once it’s out!

RWR 0.99 also means that we’re closing in on the final 1.0 release, the goal we’ve been working towards for the past 4 years. 1.0 on the other hand will mean a goodbye to Steam Early Access and Desura Alphafunding, and to avoid sudden price changes at the final release, the final price has now been made active as 14.99 USD/EUR. If you’re coming late to the game, just sit tight right now, Winter Christmas is coming and you might still have a chance to grab it with the previous Early Access price!

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Beta 0.98.5 released

Hey there!

RWR 0.98.5 has just been released! Mostly the polishing and tweaking work continues as seen in the change log, including the earlier 0.98.4, 0.98.3, and the two hot fix updates 0.98.2 and 0.98.1. For 0.98.5 we’ve also added a new online gamemode targeted to provide a tighter PvP(vE) experience versus the sandboxy Classic mode.

The gamemode – we shall refer to it as minimodes until someone comes up with a name for it – features several short objective based scenarios for team based battling between two factions with preferably players for at least 3 vs 3, but the more the merrier. The scenarios take place in varying active zones in Moorland Trenches consisting usually of 2-3 base areas with restricted access outside the zone. To get started, we’ve got modes set up such as

    Team Deathmatch, pretty self-explanatory
    King Of The Hill, fight over one base and defend it for a given time to win
    Team Teddy Hunt, where a crate is spawned at a random location guarded by a few bots, a hint is given about the location and the teams must locate the crate, fight for it and destroy it, and deliver the contents to an armory; while delivering the cargo, both factions see the carrier in the map view

There is a total of 16 zones where the modes take place, and by default, the modes last for 10 minutes each or less in case the target objective score is reached.

Additional modes will be worked on in the next updates. We’ve been bouncing ideas about at least

    a vehicle escort / ambush mode, where one team escorts a vehicle from location A to B while the other attempts to stop the delivery
    assault / defend, where one team builds and defends a base which the other team attempts to reach
    capture the flag mode
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RWR 0.98 is out!

Hey there – the wait is finally over, RWR 0.98 has been released!

This update was a huge crunch for us taking 9 weeks to get here. We began the work with the finale battles, bringing out the first one in this update. What it means is that once you defeat an enemy faction so that they have no presence in any of the areas in campaign, the final mission extraction point becomes available in all maps. In Invasion online, the final battles are just fought after all regular maps.

The final mission against the first fallen enemy is a stealth themed mission. This effectively made us take a closer look at the AI stealth defense behavior and we found a number of things we could adjust to improve the experience. The behavior of the defending AI should be a bit more predictable this way, also you can use distraction to a greater effect now. The AI is more aggressive though so you may need to bail out more often; good to change position a lot anyway!

The mission is designed for single player or for a small number of cooperative players. We have no idea if it makes sense in Invasion with 20-50 players in the same team but it’s there, will be interesting to find out!

We are mainly in polishing phase currently on our way towards the 1.0 release. This results in crazy amount of tiny but much needed changes here and there – here’s a few:

* squad names and color matching, for organizing players into squads in online, with squad chat
* new player markers, with Steam friends shown differently
* sortable scoreboard
* pause state for single player, check your key config
* bigger capacity for stashes, you’ll need it, trust me!
* a bunch of vehicle delivery objective fixes
* ladder visualization behind buildings
* new settings for quick matches, also with possibility to play with customized start commands
* more audio volume controls
* some RP rewards tweaked
* connection error messages now show properly inside menu
* a short celebration occurs after a map is completed, will be further worked on in the next update
* speech bubble fader option, fades out all bubbles if mouse hovers over one
* riot shield can now stop one blast, second stuns and consumes the shield
* neutral faction related reports removed
* server mode shown in server list
* see the complete list here

We also worked a bit with a few active community members (thanks to warbrand, DoomMetal and harr for the great character models) to extend the racing mod that has been floating around for a while. It’s now included in the RWR release so make sure you join us sometime on a racing server for some serious laughs, we’ll be setting up a server soon!

Mac port is also starting to be in a pretty good shape. It runs fine already so what’s on the lacking side is just the packaging and making it available in Steam and get a few more people testing it out and find if anything’s missing.

Chances are we’ll be making a few smaller update releases before 0.99, the Mac variant will likely be included in one of those. We’ll see what happens in the coming month!

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